Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spring is in the air at Remember When Cabins

[caption id="attachment_388" align="alignnone" width="300"]Remember When Cabins Spring is in the air at Remember When Cabins[/caption]

We never know what to expect during our Arkansas winters.  Some years it snows and some years it rains.  Sure you can check the weather and long term forecasts as a gauge, but you really won't be sure until it happens.  Take this year for example.  We heard many predictions that this would be a very cold winter.  We experienced  a few nights in the upper teens, but nothing like our first winter.  Edie and I had just opened Remember When Cabins in September of 2010 and were living in a camper.  Yes, a camper!  Two adults and 2 dogs.  It was such a big camper when we first moved onto the property, it's amazing how it seemed to shrink after only a few months.  Sorry, I got off track.  I was telling you about winter wasn't I?  We were told it rarely snows in our area which is just south of Hot Springs.   The first snow hit in January.  8" of the stuff.  Wow it was pretty and cold!  Did I mention it was 4 degrees?  We got 2 more 8" snows that winter which was the most south central Arkansas had experienced in recent history.  Did I mention we were in a camper?

This year has been our typical, no snow mild temperatures and rain.  It's early February and trees are starting to put on buds, the birds are singing, and the days are warming up.  Yes, spring is almost here.  We can't wait for some early morning hikes at DeGray Lake as well as day trips and hikes at Lake Catherine, Mt Magazine and Hot Spring National Forest.

Being able to experience and enjoy all four seasons was a main reason we moved to Arkansas.  We have not been disappointed!  Each year we add more endings to the phrase "Remember When".


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